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        1、All good wishes for a safe and delighted voyage!祝你一路平安,旅途愉快!

        2、All best wishes for a nice voyage! 祝你一帆風順!

        3、All my good wishes for a pleasant journey! 祝你旅途愉快!

        4、Season's greetings and sincere wishes for a bright and happy New Year! 獻上節日的問候與祝福,愿你擁有一個充滿生機和歡樂的新年。

        5、To wish you joy at this holy season. Wishing every happiness will always bewith you. 恭祝新年吉祥,幸福和歡樂與你同在。

        6、May friends give you strength at this time of sorrow. 愿信念給你的每一個明天帶來希望。

        7、Happy birthday. I hope today treats you well. 生日快樂,祝你今天過得愉快!

        8、Hope your birthday is like you?special.A Happy Birthday!希望你的生日像你一樣?不同尋常。 生日快樂!

        9、May the coming New Year bring you joy, love and peace. 愿新年為你帶來快樂,友愛和寧靜。

        10、Wishing you happiness during the holidays and throughout the New Year. 祝節日快樂,新年幸福。

        11、I give you endless brand-new good wishes. Please accept them as a new remembrance of our lasting friendship. 給你我無盡的新的祝福,讓它們成為我們永恒友誼的新的紀念。

        12、I hope you have a most happy and prosperous New Year. 謹祝新年快樂幸福,大吉大利。

        13、May the joy and happiness around you today and always. 愿快樂幸福永伴你左右。

        14、May the season's joy fill you all the year round. 愿節日的愉快伴你一生。

        15、A year seems like such a long time to be away, so we will miss you a lot, and we hope you will miss us, too.過了一年,似乎是很久遠以前的事,我們會很想念我 你,希望你一樣想念我們。

        16、A warm and harmonious song has accompanied us for three years.三個春夏秋冬,一支溫馨和睦的歌,我們共同吟唱至今,真是一生難得。

        17、Wishing you a wonderful day and a year filled with happiness!祝你生日妙不可言,整年沉浸在幸福里!

        18、Think of me sometimes while Alps and ocean divide us, but they ever will, unless you wish it. (Byron) 長相思,天涯海角;情不斷,山水難隔。 (——拜倫)

        19、You're everything to me. 你是我的一切。

        20、Treasured memories live and grow more precious with time. 珍愛的記憶與時光同在且日益珍貴。

        21、May those beautiful yesterdays help to ease today's sorrow. 愿那些美好的昨天幫助你減輕今天的悲哀。

        22、God forgets to give me wings, then I hover with illusion. 上帝忘記給我翅膀,于是我用幻想飛翔。

        23、Happy and like of candy becomes the one, sweet my childhood. 幸福像糖果化成了一片,甜蜜了我的童年。

        24、Shuttle back and forth in the happy tunnel in time …… 幸福在時光的隧道里穿梭……

        25、Allow me to congratulate you on the arrival of the New Year and to extend to you all my best wishes for your perfect health and lasting prosperity. 恭賀新禧,祝身體健康、事業發達。

        26、Good health, good luck and much happiness throughout the year. 恭祝健康、幸運,新年快樂。

        27、Good luck and great success in the coming New Year. 祝來年好運,并取得更大的成就。

        28、The kindest friend there could ever be is the kind of friend you are to me.Happy Birthday!世上如有諍友, 那就是像你對我那樣關懷的朋友。祝你生日快樂!

        29、In honour of your moving out of the twenties, we are giving you a marvelous birthday party. 為慶祝你跨越二十歲,我們準備了一個盛大的生日宴會。

        30、May you enjoy to the fullest the joy of today. Wishing that your special day be a winner all the way! 愿你享盡今日之歡樂,祝你的生日百事順心!

        31、Let me join all your other friends in wishing you a happy birthday. Today specially belongs to you. Take this chance to enjoy yourself in everything you do.讓我與你的朋友們一道共慶你生日快樂,今天屬于你,祝你歡歡喜喜!

        32、May the joy and happiness around you today and always. 愿快樂幸福永伴你左右。

        33、You are in my thoughts every minute of the day, in my dream every hour of the night. 白天,每分每秒我都在想念你, 夜晚,每時每刻我都在夢見你。

        34、May you come into a good fortune! Good luck, good health, hood cheer. I wish you a happy New Year. 祝好運、健康、佳肴伴你度過一個快樂新年。

        35、Please accept my season's greetings. 請接受我節日的祝賀。

        36、Please accept my sincere wishes for the New Year. I hope you will continue to enjoy good health. 請接受我誠摯的新年祝福,順祝身體健康。

        37、Please accept our wishes for you and yours for a happy New Year. 請接受我們對你及你全家的美好祝福,祝你們新年快樂。

        38、With best wishes for a happy New Year! 祝新年快樂,并致以良好的祝福。

        39、With very best wishes for your happiness in the New Year. 致以最良好的祝福,原你新年快樂幸福。

        40、From majestic mountains and valleys of green to crystal clear waters so blue, this wish is coming to you. 越過青翠的峻嶺和山谷,直到晶瑩湛藍的水邊,飛來了我對你的祝愿。

        41、When I think of you the miles between us disappear. 當我想起你,相隔千里,如在咫尺。

        42、You're wonderful friend, and I treasure you more with every year. 你是一位難得的摯友,我對你的珍重與歲俱增。

        43、I love you more than I can say. 我真不知該如何表達我對你的愛。

        44、Thinking of you still makes my heart beat fastest! 想到你依然叫我心跳驟然加快!

        45、May you both live long and healthy lives.愿二老福壽安康。

        46、Rich blessings for health and longevity is my special wish for you in the coming year.祝你在新的一年里身體健康,多福多壽。

        47、Wishing you success in your career and a happy family!祝您事業、家庭雙豐收。

        48、Have a happy and prosperous year.愿您新年快樂,大發利市。

        49、Best wishes for the year to come!恭賀新禧!

        50、May good fortune come your way in the new year.恭喜發財!

        51、May you come into a good fortune!恭喜發財!

        52、May the god of money give you a thriving business.愿財神爺幫您招財進寶。

        53、Live long and proper!多福多壽!

        54、Wishing you and yours a wonderful new year filled with blessings.祝福您及您所愛的人新的一年萬事如意。

        55、Best wishes for a wonderful new year.獻上最誠摯的祝福,祝您新年愉快。

        56、With best wishes for a happy New Year!祝新年快樂,并致以良好的祝福。

        57、May good fortune find you this year.祝您財運亨通!

        58、Wishing you the best of luck in the new year.新年行大運。

        59、May many fortunes find their way to you!祝財運亨通!

        60、Take good care of yourself in the year ahead.請多保重!

        61、Good luck in your new business.恭賀開張大吉!

        62、I hope you have a most happy and prosperous New Year.謹祝新年快樂幸福,大吉大利。

        63、I hope all goes well in the coming year.祝您新的一年萬事如意。

        64、On this special day I send you New Year''s greetings and hope that some day soon we shall be together.在這特殊的日子,向你致以新年的祝福,希望不久我們能相聚在一起。

        65、Happy new year! Wishing that we will be together soon.向您致以新年的祝福,希望不久我們就能相聚。

        66、I would like to wish you a joyous new year and express my hope for your happiness and good future.祝新年快樂,并愿你幸福吉祥,前程似錦。

        67、Season's greetings and sincerest wishes for a bright and happy New Year!獻上節日的問候與祝福,愿您擁有一個充滿生機和歡樂的新年。

        68、Wishing you many future successes.祝你今后獲得更大成就。

        69、Please extend my wishes of good luck to your family.請將我的祝福轉達給您的家人。

        70、Best of luck in the year to come.愿您在新的一年里,吉星高照。

        71、May the New Year bring many good things and rich blessings to you and all those you love!愿新年帶給你和你所愛的人許多美好的事物和無盡的祝福!

        72、I wish you a joyous new year, happiness and good luck in the future.祝新年快樂,并愿您幸福吉祥、前程似錦。

        73、The god of wealth is in your doorway!財神到,接財神!

        74、Good luck in the year ahead!祝吉星高照!

        75、May your finances profitable this year.祝您新的一年,財源滾滾。

        76、With the compliments of the season.祝賀佳節。

        77、Wishing you many future successes.祝您今后獲得更大成就。

        78、May this year be a lucky year for you.今年將是您的幸運年。

        79、Wishing you a long life.愿您長命百歲。

        80、Wishing you and yours a happy new year.萬事如意,合家歡樂。

        81、I hope you'll have a nice trip!祝你旅途愉快!

        82、May success and happiness follow you throughout the year.愿新的一年里成功和快樂與您相伴。

        83、Good luck in the year ahead!祝您吉星高照!

        84、Wishing you good fortune in the new year.祝您今年發大財。

        85、I wish you longevity and health.愿您福壽安康。

        86、May the season''s joy fill you all the year round.愿節日的愉快伴你一生。

        87、Best wishes for the success of your business.祝您生意更加興隆。

        88、Good luck, good health, hood cheer. I wish you a happy New Year.祝好運、健康、佳肴伴你度過一個快樂新年。

        89、hope there will be a promotion for you this year.愿您今年步步高升。

        90、I want to wish you longevity and health!愿你健康長壽!

        91、Wishing a happy, long and healthy life!多福多壽!

        92、I hope you will think of me from time to time as I shall be thinking of you always.我希望你們不時會想到我,就像我經常會想著你們一樣。

        93、I hope everything goes well with you.愿一切順利!

        94、You are in my thoughts every minute of the day, in my dream every hour of the night.白天,每分每秒我都在想念你,夜晚,每時每刻我都在夢見你。

        95、No matter how fast time flies, our friendship stands for ever.縱然時光飛逝,你我的友情天長地久!

        96、May you have the best of luck in San Francisco.祝你在舊金山會有很好的運氣。

        97、Life is a profound book.Other’s notes cannot replace your own understanding.May you find and create something new in it.生活是一本精深的書,別人的注釋代替不了自己的理解。愿你有所發現,有所創造。

        98、Let’s bless each other with happy futures, forever.讓我們彼此祝福,愿未來美好,直到永遠。

        99、It is the most difficult time when people have to say goodbye.Wish you the happiest journey and we look forward to your return in the near future.告別是最難受的時刻,祝你旅途愉快,盼望不久的將來你能再回來。

        100、In the first place, I wish to say a word of thanks for holding this send-off party for me.為我辦這個歡送會,首先我要說聲謝謝。



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